No better option than Prosoma as muscle relaxant and pain reliever

Prosoma is available in the market under different trade names as it is formulated by different pharmaceutical companies. You can use this medicine under the names of Pain o soma or Carisoprodol. 


This muscle relaxant is known to tighten the muscle and thus, provides relief from pain in muscle that might occurs due to injury. When accompanied with physical therapy, Prosoma offers best result to the user. You can buy carisoprodol Prosoma from our online drug stores at an affordable price. 

Storing condition of Prosoma

Prosoma, when delivered to your shipping address, should be stored at a temperature that ranges from 15-25 degree centigrade. It should be protected from light, heat, moisture and dampness if left exposed to these factors.

Mechanism of action of Prosoma or Carisoprodol:


When a person takes the medicine, it stimulates the hormones that are known to inhibit the pain sensation from nerve to brain. 

Prosoma is considered to be safest medicine that is used to treat muscle pain and muscle sprain. The immunity of the individual varies from one person to another so the effect might vary as well. Some of the user might get side effects while others might not get also. 

Dosage for the Prosoma: 

You need to take this unmatched quality Prosoma thrice in a day, to be administered with or without food. The user should take it for three weeks and if still pain is there, then consulting doctor is the best option.


If you take little precaution before using it, then you will not experience any problem in future. For this, it is essential to take medicine after consulting to the doctor. Share your medical history with doctor so that complete information is available and thus it becomes easy for them to decide the exact dose.

Buy Prosoma today and lead a painless life in case you have muscle pain and injury.