Yasmin is a powerful contraceptive pill

Yasmin is undoubtedly a great discovery in the scientific world that has shown remarkable result as a contraceptive pill. The medicine is known to have two different active ingredients namely, Drospirenone and Ethinyl estradiol. Both these functions together to show unmatched result and finally deliver the expected result within the prescribed time. Buy Yasmin online and avoid your pregnancy.

imagesYasmin is used to prevent ovulation, a process where fertilized eggs are released from the ovary. Additionally, it also leads to change in the cervical and uterine lining. This makes the sperm very difficult to attach to the uterus. Ultimately, fertilized eggs do not get attached to the uterus.

Some teenagers in their age group of 14 years or have just started their menstrual cycle can also use Yasmin. The medicine is also used to treat moderate acne in them.

Yasmin contain 28 film-coated tablets; 21 tablets are yellow in colour and contain 3 mg of drospirenone & 0.03 mg of Ethinyl estradiol and 7 inert white tablets.

How much and when to take Yasmin:


  • Take as much as dose your recommends you, not more or less than that.
  • On the very forest day of your period, take one tablet, daily.
  • Never take more than one tablet of Yasmin in a day.
  • In case the pills are not taken by the user every day, chances of getting pregnant increases.
  • In case of heavy bleeding, the user should consult to their doctor without any hesitation.


What precautions should one take while using Yasmin?

  • Should not take medicine in case you are already pregnant
  • In case you are already suffering from abnormal high blood pressure, jaundice, liver or kidney disease, or any other such health problem, do not use Yasmin.
  • Share all medical history with your doctor before using Yasmin.

Buy Yasmin to day and lead a tension free life. For more information on Yasmin, visit our online pharmacy stores.



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