Beautify your eyelashes with Careprost

Beautiful face is the dream of almost all of us especially in case of women. Eyes and eyelashes are a major key part of the body that enhances the beauty and personality of the individuals. We are worried as to how to increase our eyelashes? All your worries end with Careprost. You can buy Careprost from us at a reasonable price by simply placing an order for the required quantity of the eye drop.

Careprost is one such effective eye drop that is well known in the market for increasing the eyelashes of person who have insufficient eyelashes. Additionally, it also makes your eyelashes denser, giving you a new face. Buy Careprost online from our online pharmacy stores and get it delivered at your door steps within the assured time frame.



Active ingredient present in Careprost is Bimatoprost that plays an important role in beautifying your face and overall personality of the person. It also increases the length of your eyelashes when applied properly.

You will be surprised to know that your this medicine is well known to treat Glaucoma and increases the amount of fluid in the eye.

Storage condition of Careprost eye drop:

One should be very careful for storing the eye drop and the temperature should not increase to more than 25 degree centigrade. Always store it in a cool place, away from heat and also protect it from dampness and light.

Note: Discard the bottle after four weeks of its opening as it is not safe to use.

Use Careprost eye drop once in the day in the evening for perfect result. Never try to miss the dose and also avoid overdose of the medicine.

Know how to use Careprost eye drop:


The user should always wash their hand before using the eye drop and also remove all types of makeup, if applied.

After that the medicine is placed gently on the applicator and is drawn across the skin of the margin of the upper eyelid. This is moved at the bottom of the eyelashes from the inner part to the outer part.

You should always throw the applicator once used and use a fresh and new applicator for using the medicine next time.

Careprost is meant only for upper eyelid not for the lower one.

Buy Careprost online today and use it as per your requirement. All you need to do is apply the eye drop as per your need. For more information, visit our online drug stores.


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