Get remarkable eye lashes with Careprost

Even many women use endless home remedies including several herbal formulation to get the desired thickened eye lashes. However the results achieved are not so appealing. But now it is really easy to achieve beautiful long and thick eye lashes with the help of Careprost which you can buy from your nearest pharmacy or from any online pharmacy website.


Careprost Eye Drops contains a chemical compound known as Bimatoprost. It is an analogue or a kind of drug which is used topically to control the progression of glaucoma. It is also used in controlling or managing ocular hypertension. Its main action includes reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP) however it is also a FDA approved cosmetic formulation of bimatoprost which is sold as Latisse for its known remarkable quality of lengthening and darkening of eye lashes. So it is also used in the treatment of hypotrichosis. To get the desired results of thickened and denser eye lashes it is applied once daily by applying the solution over the skin at the base of the eyelash using an applicator or brush. It acts by acting over the hair follicles. It also initiates the prostamide alpha F2 receptors found in hair follicle to stimulate its growth rate which hence in turn gives long and thick eye lashes. It also reduces fat by causing the inhibition of adipocyte differentiation and its survival.


Careprost Eye Drops treats short eye lashes or hypotrichosis. This ophthalmic preparation acts by increasing the length, thickness and color of eye lashes as well. Some of the clinical studies of Careprost (Bimatoprost Ophthalmic solution) revealed gradual change in eye color of treated eyes to brown due to increasing melanosomes in melanocytes and it is believed that these change could be permanent. However its long-term effects are not completely known with sure aspects and are still under study. Even these expected color changes occur gradually over the years. So as a precaution and obvious application to both upper eye lids is recommended. Also it is always advised to keep a close check over how your eyes are responding while you are using the medication. In case you observe any sort of dryness or any other unexpected symptom then you should stop using the medicine immediately. Although topical application of this medicine is not intended to cause any sort of harm to eyes as this is an ophthalmic preparation. Still every human body might respond differently to each medicine so as precaution it should be kept in mind.


Side effects of this drug might include slight vision changes, burning in eyes, darkening of eyelashes, reddening of eyes and irritation in eyes, watery discharge, and slight pigmentation in iris.

Precautions which can be taken to avoid few of the side effect includes avoid prolonged usage as the usual changes that might occur while using the medicine are reversible. So once the usage of medicine is stopped the side effects might eventually go away on its own.


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