Easiest way to get the attractive eyelashes

The eyes are the most precious part of our body. It is God’s incredible gift, which can even define your character. We express our feelings easily with the help of our eyes. So, when you own a pair of beautiful eyes, it enhances your external beauty, boosting your personality. In beautifying the beauty of the eyes, the eyelashes play a major role. If you have not so big eyes, but have wonderful eyelashes, then also it makes your eyes attractive. The Latisse eye drop is one of the amazing eye solutions that can help you grow the eyelashes, to make them look thicker, fuller and longer.

Latiss is a very popular eye solution which is used to grow the eyelashes in the people who have insufficient eyelashes or hipotrichosis, and glaucoma. It has an active ingredient called Bimatoprost that has a high potential to reduce the intraocular pressure, caused by the eye’s natural fluids, in cases of glaucoma. It provides a drainage that makes the increased fluids to flow out of the eyes, to neutralize the eye pressure.


On the other hand, it accelerates the hair follicles of the eyelids, to grow with increased amount, by making the growth period of the eyelashes long. Thus, it makes the eyelashes fuller, denser, and longer than before. Buy Latisse Careprost, because it is the unbeatable product to beautify your eyelashes like a ‘Diva’.

Latisse eye drop is considered as an ‘eye safer’ because it helps prevent the blindness in the patients with glaucoma. In glaucoma, there is a risk of damaging the optic or vision, nerve due to the strain exerted by the increased ocular pressure. But, Latisse or Bimatoprost can reduce the symptoms of glaucoma very quickly, helping you to protect your eyes from blindness.

Generic Latisse eye solution works in just 9-12 weeks of its application. If you use the eye drop regularly, then you can get the result at the end of the 8 weeks only. The eye drop should be applied only once in a day. It is best to use the eye drop at bedtime.

The medication is extremely safe to use, because it will not produce any serious adverse reaction. You may develop some symptoms like burning sensation, stinging, nausea, headache, etc., which are absolutely temporary and very mild.

How should you apply the Latisse Careprost?

  • You should clean your hands first with a medicated soap, and then apply the eye drop.
  • Clean your face, including all the eye makeup and contact lens, before applying the solution.
  • Always apply the Bimatoprost eye drop with the help of the applicator or brush that comes with the pack.
  • Start applying on the upper eyelid margin, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Do not apply the medication on the lower eyelid.
  • Apply the solution only in one stroke.
  • First wash your hands and face before you start using the eye drop.
  • The excess solution should be blotted with a tissue paper.

Safety Measures:


  • Do not use the medication if you are allergic to Bimatoprost.
  • Do not apply more than one drop or one stroke of the medication.
  • Do not touch the tip of the bottle, because it will cause bacterial contamination.
  • Close the cap of the bottle tightly.
  • Read the leaflet carefully before using the medication.

You can order Generic Bimatoprost (Latisse Eye Drop) online from our genuine website to get the product at your doorstep in a hassle free shipping service.


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