Buy careprost/Latisse: Make your eyelashes look stunning!

You must have heard about various eyelash growers that help you make your eyelashes more noticeable and attractive. A lot of people are not heavy 100% about their overall beauty, even if they are beautiful. It happens particularly with women. The women’s desire for getting more attractive never dies. So, there is one very useful product, called Latisse eye drop that help you out grow your eyelashes if it is not in sufficient amount.

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You can buy Latisse eye drop as an enhancer of the beauty of the eyes, because it is an FDA approved generic product, and is superior in terms of safety and efficacy. The medication is approved in the year of 2008, December for the use of eyelash growth, but it was first discovered and approved in 2001 for the use in glaucoma.

Function of Latisse:

According to the various researches, Latisse eye drop thickens, darkens and lengthen the eyelashes in a very normal way, which is clearly not described. But, the researchers says, they act upon the eyelash growth by activating the follicular mechanism very fast and lengthening the hair phase of the hair growth.

According to the clinical study, the users get result within the period of 12-16 weeks. You just need to apply the Latisse eye drop by dabbing of it on the upper eyelids in each night, just before going to sleep. You should apply the solution with help of the sterile applicators or the brushes that comes along the packet Latisse. If accidentally, it spreads to the lower lid, wipe it with a tissue paper. Before applying the solution, you should make your face make-up free and remove your contact lens.

Rules to use the applicator:

You should always change the applicator after each use, or you can reuse those if you wash those properly after using it. It will help you avoid the bacterial infection, allergic infection, or any other problem related to hygiene.


Usually the recommended duration to use the Latisse eye drop is 12-16 weeks. But, you may start noticing the effect from the 8th month. But, you should not stop using after 8th month, since it will cause the eyelash to go back to the original state. You should have the patience and complete the course to get the positive result. To get the permanent result, apply the solution once in every week after completing the course of 16 weeks.

According to the research, the success rate of using the Latisse eye drop is;

  • The length of the eyelash increases by 25 percent.
  • The thickness and denseness increases by 106 percent.
  • The darkness increases by 18 percent.

Possible Latisse Side Effects:

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According to the research, the medication is 100% safe in most of the cases, but some of you may notice the normal and common temporary symptoms, which disappears by themselves. Some of them are:

  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Watery eye
  • Headche
  • Other


  • Latisseisnric drug, whose active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate, belongs to the group of PDE-5 enzyme inhibitors. It actively works on growing the eyelashes and gives you a stunning look to your eyelash.
  • It is also huge used by the glaucoma patients to neutralize the intraocular pressure of the eyes, which protects the eyes from being blind or vision loss.
  • The medication is cost effective, and easily available.
  • Provides positive result in just 12-16 weeks.

While you start using the Latisse eye drop, always do talk with your doctor about all the medical problems you are having already if any or you are under any drug. It will protect you from getting any complication from the medication. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should always avoid this medication.


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