Bimatoprost is the right choice for eyelash growth

Overview of the product:

  • Bimatoprost is applied on the upper eyelid, at base of the lid, to grow the eyelashes in longer, thicket and fuller way.
  • Your doctor should be knowing that you are using the product to let you know the pros and cons of the medication.
  • Can be used in Glaucoma.
  • Has no side effects, but common symptoms may or may not occur, which are not bothering.

Careprost (Bimatoprost) Eye Drop

Are you going to buy generic Bimatoprost? So, it is good if you have a look actually what it is before you buy it and also from where you should get it. There are many people who wants to buy the product without prescription easily from online or anything. It is only possible if you know well about all the facts of the product. So, here is the description about the Bimatoprost eye drop, so that you can go for it without any prescription or fear.

Bimatoprost is anophthalmic solution for the people who are misfortune for the proper amount of eyelashes due to various reasons. It is accessible in one more popular name known as Latisse eye drop. Apart from it, there many brand names available for it. So, it is the perfect choice for the people, particularly women, who miss that magnificence of their overall look due to the lack of eyelashes. However, it is used by men also. The prime use of the medication is glaucoma, which is an eye condition, and characterized bythe increased pressure felt inside the eyes, triggered by the buildup fluids called aqueous humor, inside the eyes.

 Bimat Eye Drops

Eventhough, it is easy to buy the medication online without prescription, but it is recommended to discuss with your doctor before buying it online, to know the eligibility criteria, and to know the instruction which need to be followed during the use. Nowdays, Bimatoprost has been used by a large group of population. The result of the medication is really commendable, if one can use it in the way correct way.

Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the product to use to treat the Hipotrichosis or eyelash misfortune. This is considered as one of the safest corrective therapy for eyelash growth. In addition, the product is highly demanded for the treatment of glaucoma, which save the eyes of patients with glaucoma from being blind, by preventing the rupture or damage of the optic nerve, the main nerve of vision.

The medication may cause some mild and mellow side effects, which are not the matters to bother at all, because they disappears immediately within 5 minutes. Use the solution at bedtime, if you want to grow the eyelashes.

Safety measure:

There is no drugs which is available without fitting some safety measures that has to be taken during the use. So, it happens with Bimatoprost also. Since it is an eye care solution, you need to be very cautious, and vital during its use taking incredible consideration. You bring down the dangers if you use any medication with extra precautions and safety. The best way to have a safe result is to discuss with your doctor prior you use the product. Your doctor will say you the exact precautions you should take according to your current health status. Some safety measures:

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  • Say no to the solution if you have underwent any eye surgery recently.
  • Do not purchase it if you have any other eye problem or infection.
  • If you are hypersensitive to its any ingredient, do not touch the medication.
  • It is not your medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Tell about your health status to your doctor before heading to Bimatoprost.
  • Use nightly if you need to grow eyelash.
  • Use twice in a day, 1-2 drops, in the each affected eye.

Remember, choose always a right medical store or website when you are going to buy Bimat eye drop. Your choice to use Bimat for both eyelash growth and glaucoma, is perfectly right.

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