Use Bimat (Bimatoprost) to avoid the risk of blindness in glaucoma

Glaucoma is a very unpleasant eye condition, which can impact in your work and productivity when its symptoms attack you. Usually, the condition is characterized by the symptoms like watery eyes, redness, congestion of the artery, and discomfort. The patient suffering from glaucoma feels heaviness inside the eyes.

Glaucoma is caused by the increased intraocular pressure inside the eyes, which happens due to the abnormal production of the eyes’ natural fluids called ‘aqueous humor’. In extreme cases, the build up pressure will put the pressure on the nerve which is responsible for the vision, called optic nerve. In case, if the optic nerve is damaged or ruptured due to the pressure, then it causes blindness.

Bimat (Bimatoprost)  eye drop is one of the highly demanded drugs used to manage glaucoma

But, the good news is that, there are some medications available in the market that can really help you get rid of the symptoms, and prevent the risk blindness. Bimat eye drop is one of the highly demanded drugs used to manage glaucoma. You can buy Bimat from a reliable website or from a reputed medical shop at a reasonable price.

The Bimatoprost is the major ingredient that plays the active role in curing the symptoms. It provides the way of the drainage of the extra amount of the Aqueous humor out of the eyes. Thus, the patient gets relief from the intraocular pressure, and also can be out of the risk of the damage of the optic nerve. Thus, the symptoms of the glaucoma disappear, and the eyes become relaxed.

In addition of the glaucoma, the drug is also beneficial in the deficiency of the eyelashes. This condition is known as hypotrichosis. So, Bimatoprost is also be used if one desires to have longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.

The Bimatoprost is considered as one of highly suitable drug for every almost every patient, because it does not cause any unbearable side effects, except some very mild and common side effects, which occur temporarily. Some of the common adverse reactions of the drug are:

  • Headache
  • Change in the taste
  • Nasal congestion
  • Stinging
  • Irritaion
  • watery eye

To use the drug for glaucoma, one should be instilled only 1-2 drops of solution in the each affected eye, and then close the eyes for 5-10 minutes. It can be used once or twice in a day, depending on the intensity of the condition. The duration and dosage should always be followed according to your doctor’s instruction.

Bimatoprost  (Careprost) Eye Drop is also be used if one desires to have longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes

On the other hand, for hypotrichosis or eyelash growth, you should apply the medication on the upper eyelid. One should take only one drop of the solution to apply for the eyelash growth. Always use the medication at bedtime, if you want to use it for eyelash growth.

The medication should be used after consulting with your doctor, which will help you to be in the safe side. If you have any other eye problem, then you should call your doctor, to get the proper advice whether you are suitable for the medication or not. Let your doctor know about your complete medical history to avoid the complication before your use any dose of the medication, particularly if you are using it for glaucoma.

You can buy Bimat eye drop online from our most reliable website to get the product in a best quality, at a hassle free service.


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