Careprost: the true provider of longer eyelashes

There are many who love fake lashes but those who have dark and thick natural eyelashes would love to flaunt it as it adds to beauty and to their personality. If you keep growing your eyelashes naturally they give you the best output and the best look which puts you up front on both professional and personnel level. A good eyelash makes you look gorgeous and adds up to your confidence level when you look across the person on the other end of the table.

Careprost (Bimatoprost) Eye Drop

There are three ways to have the best eyelashes. You could d get them by following ways

  1. Castor oil is one such oil which has work wonders and is believed to increase the growth of eyelashes. It is also for growing your hair and also good for the eyebrows too. The medicinal properties of castor oil
  2. Using Coconut oil and Lavender essential oil could increase your eyelash growth. Lavender essential oils helps get rid of harmful free radicals and has shown free growth of hair. You have e to mix both coconut and lavender oil together using a cotton swab or you finger for application.
  3. Massaging your eye lids is another way to increase the blood flow and circulation. Thereby encouraging eyelashes to grow.

Now when you have these natural methods to work out for you would be obviously be looking for the results and output time so dear friends just one month of regular application would give you signs of growth of eyelashes. Hundred percent result guarantees with in three months.

Why we start losing eyelashes

Trichotillomania is a thought control disorder. In such a mental condition the pget beautiful eye lasheserson starts pulling out his or her own hair. The disease starts showing its presence during Adolescentstage.

If you have a overactive and underactive eyelashes both are equally responsible for loss of eyelashes. In both the conditions thehair of eyelashes becomes very thin, dry and brittle. Mascara has been reported to cause dermatitis and conjunctivitis.

When there is an inflammation of the eyelids due to bacteria found on the skin, it is due to the blockage of the eyelid’s oil glands. This condition canbe characterized by reddened or itchy eyelids.

Instructive ways to get beautiful eyelashes:

If you love to have the best eyelashes you have to follow few instructions

  1. Continuous rubbing of eyes should be completely avoided as it may lead to break down of lashroot.
  2. While using lash curler, don’t pull your eyelids.
  3. Regular application of mascara adds to stiffness of mascara and ultimately could break the eyelashes.
  4. If you are a olive oil lover you could really relish your eyelashes and helps them to grow longer and stronger.
  5. Applying petroleum jelly just before going to sleep on a regular basis makes them grow longer and thicker.
  6. When lemon peels are soaked in olive oil and applied, they you the best look which you expected.
  7. Trimming of eyelashes is helpful to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and makes them grow faster.
  8. To have the best & long eyelashes you must have the best diet as per routine andsuch a routine includes a list of fruits which includes apples, guava, meat, fishes and other sources of protein.

How to apply Careprost eye drop

  • First wash your hands and face before you start using the eye drop.
  • Removal of Contact lenses is must before the application of eye drop.
  • The eye drop needs to be applied to the applicator which is usually a brush.
  • The medicine should be applied on the upper eyelids.
  • Any extra drop which is present near the eyes could be blotted away
  • You should not apply the medication on the lower eyelashes.
  • Finally wash your hands once again.

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